Alex Wiederhold


Executive Director

Alex Wiederhold has over 40 years of experience mainly with multinational companies in Brazil and Mexico. Alex is a multicultural executive and fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. He has extensive experience in strategic analysis and planning, restructuring of business lines, business development, startups, sales and marketing, import-export, domestic and international logistics, establishing representatives and distributor’s network, and in international negotiations. Alex has a BS degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alex joined The Collins Group in February 2012 as an Executive Director covering Brazil.
Campinas, Brazil
As Managing Director of TVH-DINAMICA, part of Belgian Group TVH, dis post merge of the two companies, restructured new operation, unified operations in one location, diversified agricultural portfolio, increased sales during economic downturn in Brazil 2014-2015, implemented new procedure, controls and compliance rules.

As an Independent Business Consultant since 2009, Alex has done several market analyses for foreign companies interested in Brazil. Examples include searching for an acquisition candidate for a US PE Fund and conducting a market analysis, and a M&A deal for a German company where Alex prepared the Strategic Plan of the new operation, among others.

As Director of Supply Chains at Resinet, a distributor of thermoplastic resins with sales of US$ 100 million, Alex was responsible for restructuring international and domestic logistics, procuring and securing new suppliers, reducing stocks and coordinating management for a cost reduction program of 35%.

As Managing Director of Mathiesen do Brasil (multinational company with a presence across Latin America), Alex was responsible for the company's turnaround after 11 years of losses. In one year, not only did the company generate profits, but also increased sales by 40% and gross margin by 133%. Alex also opened new business lines, implemented SAP and administrative procedures and controls, consolidated facilities, promoted and modified Quality Assurance Policies and ISO 9001, and transformed the commercial company into an industrial one.

Created Wittmann's subsidiary in Brazil, an Austrian producer of auxiliary equipment for the plastic industry. Alex formed a net of representatives in South America, coordinated product lines to be produced locally, and adapted the product based on local preferences.

Worked for more than 17 years with the Mannesmann Group (with total turnover of € 19 billion in 1999) in Brazil. Alex was responsible for exports of up to US$ 100 million. Later in Mexico, Alex implemented new business lines such as equipment for the plastic industry, spare parts for steel plants and projects to revamp petrochemical plants.

Alex holds a BS degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing from Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Alex was born in Chile and also holds a German passport, permanent residence visa for Brazil and has lived in Chile, Argentina, Mexico USA and Brazil.