David Phillips

David Phillips

Senior Adviser - Chemicals

David Phillips has over 40 years of multi-national, business development, and turnaround management experience as a senior chemical industry executive. The current focus is specialty chemicals, energy by enhancement of traditional sources, and brand security.
New York, USA
• Board member and COO of Summit Research Labs, acquired by MVC in 2006, with subsequent bolt on acquisitions of Westwood Chemical and Reheis. Launched Summit Custom Spray Drying with a grass roots plant.

• Former President of ICO Americas (Nasdaq: ICOC) and advisor to CEO, 2004 - 2009 for turnaround and successful sale to A. Schulman for ~ $200 million (or 15.2x EBITDA).

• Former President and CEO of Alcolac, Inc. and Sherex Chemical co., Inc., companies with combined sales of $350 million. Added $200 million in value as realized on the sales of these companies in six years.

• In two years, returned Sherex (owned by Schering AG) to substantial profitability after four years of increasing losses. Sherex was then sold to Witco.

• First CEO of biotechnology (Biocode) and photochemical (PhotoSecure) start-ups through 7 rounds of financing. Biocode was the foundation of Authentix, which Carlyle bought for $135 million in 2008.

• As General Manager of the Houdry Division of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., revamped obsolete petrochemical technology to pioneer the worldwide production and use of MTBE as a replacement octane enhancer for lead in gasoline. Today, investments have exceeded $10 billion.

• Senior Executive, 16 years with ICI.

• Education: Majored in Chemistry with B.A.(Hons), B.Sc. and M.A. Oxford University, UK

Present Activity:

• Operating Partner for MVC Capital Board Member at Summit Research Labs, Inc.
• Founder and COO at Summit Custom Spray Drying
• Board member at U.S. Gas & Electric
CEO at ISIS Chemical Inc.