Dr. Scott Collins

Dr. Scott Collins

Senior Adviser - Medical Technology

Dr. Scott Collins is an accomplished, forward looking CEO with 28 years of cross-industry leadership experience spanning strategy, operations and development in the life sciences, biotechnology, health tech, bioinformatics, IT and engineering. Responsibilities include company formation, business and product development, technology-market fit, public relations, strategic negotiations, sales and corporate partnership. Throughout life Scott has been drawn to solving big problems -- first as an inventor, then an entrepreneur, and now as a leader. He enjoys using his multi-disciplinary experience with teams of great people to overcome major challenges—technical, operational, and financial. He is an advisor to the New Organ Alliance and is working with national leaders to roadmap solutions to tissue and organ shortage. Initiatives thus far include the new organ liver prize, the vascular tissue challenge and the innovations in space award. He has also worked on initiatives to improve medical outcomes in low resource settings.
Scott started his career in programming and robotics, earned a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and then led development of products in Cardiology and Electrophysiology. He founded, grew then sold a company in the IT space (that just celebrated its 25th anniversary) after which he earned a Masters and PhD in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on regenerative medicine, vascular engineering and nanotechnology. Recently Scott has been instrumental in reforming BioAustin, where he sits on the Board of Directors, and has led development and strategy at a startup using biofabrication techniques to treat patients with their own cells thus creating a Therapy-as-a-Service model.

  • Several Board of Director and Scientific Advisory Board appointments

  • Several speaking engagements to scientific, business and public groups.

  • Developed Therapy-as-a-Service (TaaS) concept allowing centralized automation for personalized cell therapy

  • Led successful company pivot, reducing both projected time to market by 5 years and cost by more than $10M

  • Led development of enhanced bioprinters and biofabrication techniques for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

  • Routinely interact with leadership at Dell Medical School, University of Texas, City of Austin, State of Texas, Chamber of Commerce, Governor’s Office, local hospital systems, local incubators, support organizations and business leaders in several of the 150 established biotech companies in the Austin area

  • Helped increase active participants in BioAustin by 200% the second year

  • Established several state of the art adult stem cell land tissue engineering labs

  • Conceived design and business model for a portable biological data acquisition system that would acquire and analyze electrophysiological signals in real time. Designed the system with two complimentary markets in mind: the research market (to increase efficacy and lower the cost for collecting electrophysiological data) and the clinical market (to provide a method for researchers to deploy their diagnostics to the clinical market quickly and economically). The overall design and integration philosophy is remarkably similar to what became the iPhone/apps store and apps development platform 15 years later

  • Utilized experience and connections in the life sciences, IT, innovation and entrepreneurship to help advise existing companies and startups on how to move quickly to success and avoid problems that often stagnate new ventures.

  • Designed an internet-based communications and response platform for deploying and tracking equipment, supplies, and teams in chaotic environments

  • Designed and enhanced technologies to aid user medication compliance using a mobile platform

  • Developed strategies to aggregate and anonymize data for the B2B and B2G markets

  • Successfully acquired non-dilutive SBIR grant funding from various agencies