Gregg Van Volkenburgh

Gregg Van Volkenburgh

Executive Director

Gregg Van Volkenburgh provides services to support expansion, help drives major projects, develop markets, form client relationships, expand manufacturing, install new business systems, and secure financial support. Gregg’s experience covers launching and operating technology companies; international business development in the Middle East, Europe, India, China and Japan, Russia and North America; technology licensing, transfer, and commercialization; and joint venturing and financing. Gregg has a Ph.D. in Space Sciences; bachelor's degrees in chemistry and mathematics/computer science; and industrial experience in oil and gas, environmental monitoring, applied software solutions, process control instrumentation, aerospace, life sciences, and remote sensing.
Brasov, Romania
• Co-founder and President of a startup software company for predictive maintenance systems for heavy machinery. Nurtured and closed direct sales in North America, UK, China and Japan.

• Co-founded and raised US $2.5 million for an instrumentation firm specializing in the prevention of ruptures in pipelines and refineries, and disruptions in electric generation equipment, mining infrastructure, and civil structures (e.g. bridges, tunnels) using fibre optics. Assisted in taking the company public, opening markets, and training sales staff as they were hired.

• Co-founded a successful US electro-optics company supplying ultraviolet light sources to NASA and US instrument companies, and served as VP of Engineering.

• Contracted as Chief of Operations to a new not-for-profit Bioinformatics Initiative based in Toronto and Singapore which offered free database access for protein interactions, visualization of biomolecular/biochemical pathways and data mining tools. Gregg was responsible for driving the setup of US$ 14 million of cluster, SAN, and large internet capacity infrastructure; organization of 110 staff in both cities; rationalization of entire work plan; international promotion of services and tools; and contract management with government agencies in Canada, the US, and Singapore.

• Contracted for 2 years as Director of Planning and Operations to drive development of the Informatics Division in a new biotechnology company focused on proteomics and drug discovery.

• Over 5 years working for the UN, Gregg advised the Government of India on e-commerce development and Artificial Intelligence programs, transferring know-how to industry and advising at a strategic level on the start-up of new Indian software companies.

• For a startup focused on high-dynamic range CCD developer and manufacturer, Gregg obtained initial financing and then sat on the Board of directors for 3 years, assisting in development of strategic alliances allowing for backward integration and expansion.

• Served as Divisional Director in a well-known laser-radar instrument systems manufacturer, driving a successful turn-around in worldwide marketing and sales and also improving manufacturing methods for laser rangefinder systems used in airborne survey and process control.

• Under a 15 month bridging contract, acted as Chief Marketing and Technology Officer in a Swedish holographic data storage development and manufacturing firm with subsidiaries in Denmark and Hungary.

• In mainland China and in Thailand, introduced products, established agents, and secured multi-million dollar contracts for a US company manufacturing laser-scanning aircraft parking systems.

• Senior executive at the Ontario Environment Ministry; directed all air quality programs with 120 staff and an annual budget of CAD$ 12 million.
Director of Strategic Investments in the Corporate Technology Division of a multi-national conglomerate active in advanced materials, aerospace, life sciences, and automotive components. Formed business units using in-licensing and investments in seed technologies.