Gunter Eberhardt

Gunter Eberhardt

Executive Director

Gunter Eberhardt has extensive experience as General Manager in several industrial fields (plastics, auto parts, software service, printing, electronics) in national and international companies. His expertise includes general administration, strategic analysis and planning, project management, business development, and M&A. Gunter is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Gunter graduated as a Civil and Industrial Engineer from Mackenzie College - was awarded Shell Prize as Best Student of the Industrial Engineering course.
São Paulo, Brazil
• With his own company, Ebertec Assessoria (since 1997), Gunter has participated in several projects including Strategic Planning, Business Restructuring, Business Development, Project Management and M&A.

• At Stream International (RRDonnelley Group), Gunter implemented and managed Global Software Services (software manufacturing), whose initial mission was the manufacturing of Windows95 in time for the global launching of the product, as well as the manufacturing of the Microsoft products in Brazil. The implementation was successfully completed in a very short time and the Company reached their goals. In 1996, by decision of headquarters (USA), Stream left Brazil. Gunter was invited to become General Manager of one of the main SBUs in the United States, but decided to stay in Brazil to run his own company (Ebertec).

• At Globo Cochrane (magazine printing), a joint-venture between Globopar (Brazil) and Cochrane Group (Chile), Gunter was responsible for the implementation of the project (inauguration: August 1992) and for the operations of the plant, reporting to the Board. (Huge volume of exports, mainly to South and Central America - 250 employees).

• As General Manager, conducted the growth of Arteb Group, supplier of auto parts (headlights, rear lights, back lights and locks) for the automobile industry and for the aftermarket. In 3 years, Gunter increased substantially the market share of the main products and doubled the invoicing - approximately 2200 employees.

• Norton Company (today part of Saint Gobain): started as General Manager of Technical Plastics. After 6 months (1983), the division (SBU) became profitable for the first time since its acquisition. Although the volume of the Brazilian division was significantly smaller in 1984 and 1985, net income was superior compared to its sister divisions in Germany and USA. From 1985 to 1986, Gunter became responsible for Abrasive Division, as General Manager.

• Abril S.A. Cultural e Industrial, the largest printing company in Latin America. Gunter worked for 10 years as assistant to the Vice president, Technical Director and Director of Planning and Production Systems. He was responsible for the launch of over 120 publications a month in addition to working on several commercial projects. Gunter was also responsible for purchase and control of paper and ink, items of high impact in the composition of the cost of production.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, Gunter worked at:

• Labo Eletrônica (microcomputers) (Director of Logistics)
• Probjeto Objetos Projetados Ltda. (furniture) (Partner)
• Manufatura de Brinquedos Estrela (toys) (Unit Manager)
• Norton do Brasil (abrasives) (Manager of Technical Assistance and Production Manager)

Specialization trips, notedly: United States (Norton -5 months/Abril S.A. – 2 months) and Germany (Abril S.A. – 3 months)

Gunter graduated as a Civil and Industrial Engineer from Mackenzie College – was awarded Shell Prize as best student of the Industrial Engineering course. He is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish and has good knowledge of German, French and Italian. He currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil.