Special Challenges

Early to Mid Stage technology companies have special needs in obtaining, validating, defending, and extending their technology and their market potential & position.
There are major opportunities for growth and success; however, certain factors have to be carefully considered to achieve this.

Validation of the technology in the marketplace

Caution regarding execution of mergers

“Technology fatigue” in some investment sectors causing reticence to invest in new companies

Extending selling cycles

Demonstrating growing commercial traction

Strong leadership with a willingness to enlarge the company’s team

Downsizing, protection of existing investments, and resulting VC and PEG caution for new investments

Cross collaboration and stratification among younger companies (one company makes, another integrates, a third distributes, a fourth provides after-sale services)

Planning “go-to-market” ramp up programs

Smaller budgets for new technology equipment, software, and services

Increased globalization leading to more rapid development of competition

Proven experience in growing a business