The Collins Difference

We are often asked how we are different from other investment banking boutiques.
We believe that taken together, the following sets TCG apart from many others.

TCG People are Industry People, Not Investment Bankers

Collins Team Members are not traditional investment bankers. Most have operations background and extensive industrial, technology, processing and marketing experience. They understand the challenges companies face.

TCG's International Reach

TCG has a broad international reach with the ability to organize a tailored multifaceted team with members on two or more continents at the same time. TCG people share their industry and technology work and experience with our Clients - and between themselves. We are a true team and we share rewards based on work done - not national borders.

TCG's Proprietary Databases of Investment Groups

TCG operates only in the private equity market. Over the last 15+ years we have built up proprietary databases of private equity investment groups: PEGs, VCs, CVCs and others active in the private financial markets. The importance here is not to source lists or companies from the internet, but to constantly work to update our information - to customize it for our particular needs.

Matching Our International Reach with Our Target Transaction Size

We target M&A and corporate financing for our Clients in the range of US$ 5 to 100+ million. Our focus is "cross border, cross ocean" in arranging transactions for our Clients.
We use our total international reach on behalf of our Clients. Many firms that take on engagements for smaller transactions do not have an international reach and often their coverage is limited to their own country and perhaps a few adjoining countries. Bigger investment brokers with extensive international reach generally do not take on engagements for smaller transactions.

Our Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural Team

English is the international language of business. But we believe it is important to communicate with Clients, investors and M&A targets in their own language. There are 10 languages spoken and understood by TCG Team Members: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Greek. This allows us to overcome language and cultural barriers that might otherwise impede good business communications.
TCG is proud of what we do and how we do it, and we welcome new contacts and Clients.