Ulf Lindsten

Ulf Lindsten

Senior Advisor - Telecommunications IT Technology

Mr. Lindsten is a serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in start-up and developing businesses, mainly in telecom technology including applications for healthcare. He also has extensive experience in corporate turnarounds and restructurings. Ulf has developed companies from initial funding up to being an international player listed on the Nasdaq exchange (O-listan Sweden). He has broad experience in M&A and funding processes and has been led numerous M&A transactions for companies he either founded or in which he was the main shareholder, under venture capital ownership as well as being owned by industrial Fortune 500 companies. He has significant experience in business development including negotiation and establishment of large contracts and licensing / system sales business arrangements.
Ulf started as a development engineer at Ericsson Telecom, moved on towards product management, international management, and business development.

In the late ’80s and early 90s, Ulf lived in the U.S. and worked on the startup and management of two technology and health care technology companies. He then founded and formed his first major business, in the telecom area, in 1990 which went public in 1998 on the Nasdaq, O-list in Stockholm. The company, and grow to over $100 million in sales by 2005 when he left the group. Since 2005 he has successfully managed the turnaround and exit of several technology companies, including the sale of one of an Indian IT group and another to a multi-billion Swedish krona publicly listed Swedish Telecom group. Mr. Lindsten then served on the management team on the publicly listed group.

  • Funded and publicly listed through an IPO on the Nasdaq – Stockholm O-list an international Telecom systems supplier

  • Raised capital and funding through several process for growth and acquisitions.

  • Managed several M&A and exit processes on publicly listed companies and on venture capital and privately held companies as well as owned by industrial groups.

  • Managed multiple turn arounds and exits.

  • Several Board of Director and Advisory Board appointments.