The Collins Process

The Collins Group Role

  • We spend considerable time during the Preparation Stage studying the Client’s business, operations, financial position and prospects.
  • We work with the client to refine its business and product, and its "go-to-market", and financing strategies.
  • We help prepare a Corporate Overview to be used in discussions with prospective Investors, M&A Candidates, and Strategic Partners targets:
    • Corporate Overview (“teaser”) used for initial discussions.
    • Financial presentation and projections.
    • Power point presentation used to present the company and management at management presentations.
  • We determine with the Client the additional “collateral material” that will be needed to carry on negotiations and pass Investors' "due diligence" tests. If the Client does not already have the collateral material at hand, we help to scope it out.

The Solicitation

  • TCG has developed a solicitation process designed to minimize client involvement until a prospective Investor, Buyer, Acquisition Target or Strategic Partner is definitely interested.
  • We comb our in-house proprietary database in order to compile a Target List of Investors, Buyers, Acquisition and Strategic Partner targets.
  • In Financing and Sell Side Mandates we strive to identify up to 100 targets that could have an interest in the proposed transaction.
  • Using the Corporate Overview, we make initial approaches to the Target List and carry on all discussions until specific targets have developed a sufficiently high level of interest to request a company meeting and management presentation.
  • We attempt to get into meaningful discussions before involving the Client. In short, we do all the work in qualifying interested parties before the Client needs to become involved.
  • We work with the client during detailed discussions for a "term sheet" and investment agreement, as well as from the due diligence process to closing.
  • We maintain an ongoing relationship when we are to assist in the next stages of expansion/financing.