Michael Avina

Executive Director

Michael Avina is a seasoned IT and telecom professional with over 20 years of experience in helping companies deliver complex solutions. His extensive hands-on experience in technology has included developing telecommunications and aerospace software solutions. Michael previously worked at United Pan-European Communications (UPC), the largest cable provider in Europe, where he managed cable network expansion and was responsible for modernizing and integrating technology assets for UPC's 20 million customers. As an independent consultant, Michael has helped a wide-range of companies to develop their products and deliver business-critical initiatives including companies such as CNA, Basic Element, MTS, Orange, Nokia, Relacom, chello broadband, Priority Telecom, Lockheed Martin, and Sqanda. Michael also has experience managing SBIR/STTR projects for the USG. As Executive Director at The Collins Group he routinely assists companies with technology strategy and cross-border strategic partnerships in the telecom/IT space. Boca Raton, Florida

Email: ma@thecollinsgroup.com